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One of the most important and decisive factors in the fight for the rescue of lives at an altitude during emergencies is the availability of highly efficient modern rescue equipment, namely car lifts and car ladders, which are sorely lacking in the SES units of Ukraine. Our editorial staff decided to help the heads of the SESU divisions of all levels, heads of enterprises and departments by providing information about Korean company Horyong So. LTD. Today, it is one of the five world leaders in the production of car lifts and ladders with a height of 30 to 90 meters, and its official dealer LLC “Spetspozhtekhnika and VET”.

– Indeed, we have a lot to learn and learn from Horyong So’s extensive experience. LTD. By the way, their factory is equipped with the best equipment. Most technological operations are performed in automatic mode. And that is accuracy and speed. In addition, the company has set up its own research center, the development of which is actively used to improve special equipment. Since 2019, we have started to cooperate as the official dealer of Horyong So.LTD – one of the world’s most powerful manufacturers of 30-, 45-, 50-, 54-; 64-, 75- and 90-meter car lifts and ladders. All models of the Korean company are truly impressive.

– What about the comparison of technical characteristics? – Here are just a few examples: the departure of the 52-meter boom of the famous German “IVECO MAGIRUS” – 18 meters, and the 54-meter Korean – 33 meters; loading capacity of the IVECO MAGIROUS cradle – 200 kg, Korean – 400 kg; car weight «IVECO MAGIROUS ”–26 tons, Korean – 13 tons. – Whatever is a reliable technique, it has the ability to go bad. To repair, you need spare parts … – And we have agreed this issue with the Korean side. First of all, delivery of components and components to Ukraine.

– Production of car lifts and ladders from Korean boom equipment with a height of 30-72 meters will be set up at the Kherson machine-building plant. The base chassis DAEWOO, Hyundai and others. Further, according to the agreed by the design documentation, we plan to produce support and rotary circuits, outriggers, to carry out the installation of cuttings, combs. Setting up security and control systems remains with the Korean side. The enterprise has all the technical capabilities and specialists to carry out a quality overhaul of car lifts and car ladders, which are in operation in the units of the SES of Ukraine.

– We understand that it is necessary to acquaint specialists with the new technique. Therefore, we are constantly arranging a free three-day training-training for specialists who work on car lifts and car ladders .. In addition, LLC Spetspozhtekhnika and PTO has the ability to supply fire trucks on all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive chassis DAEWOO, chassis Hyundai, MAZ, KRAZ, etc., as well as fire-technical equipment. Overhaul and delivery of fire fighting equipment Spare parts, assemblies and parts are also within our competence.

 According to the magazine “Fire and Technogenic Safety”



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