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The main task of the truck is to transport the goods in a timely manner with optimal operating costs, which are directly related to the operating conditions and technical characteristics of the vehicle. For all-terrain vehicles, the main role is played by the ratio of the loaded mass to the load capacity even under off-road conditions. All-wheel drive versions of DAEWOO cars can be operated under the most difficult road conditions.

Off-roading puts stringent demands on all vehicles, especially vehicles designed for freight. The approach to this task is different for each manufacturer. Some manufacturers rely on monumental car designs, which, due to their large mass, have high structural strength, yet very low load capacity and, as a result, high freight costs and, in addition, high weight increases wheel load, resulting in reduced throughput. Designers of the famous car manufacturer Daewoo went the other way.

The buyer can choose the cars that best fit his individual needs. The all-wheel drive range includes single and twin wheels. Dual rear wheels are better suited for special tractors and for off-road vehicles. For example, a four-wheel tractor Daewoo can effortlessly tow a trailer with a maximum weight of 100 tons. For severe off-roading, cars with single rear wheels are better suited. The basis of every all-terrain vehicle is a sturdy frame. Due to its design features, the frame at relatively low weight has an extremely high tensile and twisting strength. Frame Material – High-grade ATOS 80 steel.

The little leaf springs, lateral stabilizers and powerful vertical shock absorbers provide excellent driving control and excellent off-road smoothness. DAEWOO TRUCKS installs the same drive axles for the entire range of vehicles. This model of bridges has much better road performance and due to its design features, the cars have a significant ground clearance of 425 millimeters, this indicator is suitable not only for civilian but also for military purposes.

High-profile, 20-inch all-terrain tires are fitted on single-wheel vehicles. The junction box has two modes – direct and downshift. To overcome the off-road, the optimum number of gearboxes and a gearbox were selected. Daewoo cars are fitted with reliable and economical Doosan engines. Doosan is among the top five engine manufacturers in the world, with its main customer in the United States. Thanks to the powerful engine, the car has a maximum speed of 100 km per hour. The engine’s high torque of 1000 rpm makes it easy to overcome the complex off-road.

The cab design provides an excellent view of the driver’s workplace. The inner padding is designed to facilitate washing and cleaning. Even such a small thing as a storage place for dirty driver’s shoes is provided. A dedicated all-wheel-drive system control panel has been added to the dashboard. An additional convenience of this panel is a visual display of the enabled all-wheel drive configuration. This option offers the added benefit of overcoming difficult off-road conditions for optimum all-wheel drive. The driver’s seat is pneumatic and the unified berth behind the driver’s seat can be used to carry things.

To ensure exceptional level of patency and rational load distribution and load balance on the drive axles, the cab is placed high and placed behind the wheelbase of the vehicle. Therefore, for access to the cabin an additional footrest is installed, which can be folded when an obstacle is encountered. The electric mechanism raises the cab by a large angle for easier access to the engine compartment. Additional protection of the engine compartment prevents damage when overcoming obstacles. Thanks to the design features, the car’s entry angle of 35.30 and the fully loaded car can overcome the vertical wall up to 0.5m high. Without preparation, the car can overcome the ford, up to 850mm deep.

A fully loaded car easily overcomes 60% lift, which is an excellent indicator even for a multi-purpose vehicle for civilian and military use. Thanks to the optimum position of the center of gravity of the car the maximum lateral inclination which overcomes the car reaches 30%. The load capacity of the car 1.5-2 times, depending on the model, exceeds the curb weight of the car, which is one of the best indicators for all-wheel drive vehicles.

Advanced technology, together with the use of the highest quality materials, has enabled Daewoo to create a family of all-purpose 4WD 4x4 and 6x6 wheels. The performance of all-wheel drive Daewoo cars allows them to be used even in off-road conditions, of any complexity.

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