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The main purpose of trucks is the most efficient transportation of goods. But it is a very important factor to take into account the operating costs and the minimum environmental damage caused by such transportation. High efficiency of DAEWOO TRUCKS truck transportation is achieved through the use of advanced technologies and high quality materials in the design and manufacture of vehicles. A very important indicator is the high level of tuning of mechanisms, components and assemblies. As a result, commercial vehicles of good quality and maximum efficiency have high reliability and therefore cost accordingly.

The prices for quality components used in the manufacture of Daewoo Trucks are on par with manufacturers of well-known European brands. Accordingly, the cost of South Korean trucks determines their quality and reliability. The quality of DAEWOO trucks is a guaranteed cost savings during operation and safety.

South Korea is the world leader in the production of modern high-quality automotive technology. Daewoo Trucks meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency at the level of the world’s leading truck drivers, but at a slightly lower price, which is achieved through successful design solutions and mass production of cars. Automobile engines are manufactured by the motor-building giant, which is one of the world’s top five engine manufacturers – Doosan. The main market for this company is the US market, so the engines of this manufacturer are very reliable, have high efficiency and fuel economy, at a relatively low price.

Daewoo-Trucks are represented in all segments of trucks, weighing 16t and above. In the domestic market, these cars compete successfully with Mercedes, MAN, Volvo and Scania trucks. One of the advantages of these cars is its low chassis weight and high load capacity. The payload factor reaches two, meaning cars are able to carry a weight twice the car’s weight.

In this case, the axle loads do not exceed the permissible norms of the current legislation on the load on the road surface. Heavy Duty Daewoo Trucks are designed to carry goods efficiently in difficult road conditions and in the absence of paved roads. All dump trucks have central and wheel differentials of the drive axles, resulting in a maximum lifting angle of fully loaded vehicles – 60%, which is more than 30 meters of lift on a 100 meter road section. This is a decent indicator for all-wheel drive cars, and especially for military vehicles.

To reduce road load, Daewoo Trucks designers practice installing extra axles on the car. In Korea, it is not uncommon to find cars with wheel formula 10x4 and 12x4. Such wheel formulas are effective for the manufacture of special vehicles, tanks, truck cranes and concrete pumps.

All-wheel drive Daewoo-Trucks. The range includes 4x4, 6x6 (trucks and truck tractors). Civilian versions of all-wheel drive vehicles in terms of patency and reliability are structurally fully compliant with the requirements required of similar military vehicles. All-wheel-drive, as well as rear-wheel drive, Daewoo Trucks are able to carry loads twice the weight of their cargo. All-wheel drive tractors are designed to tow trailers up to 100 tonnes.

An additional benefit of Daewoo Trucks is the low operating costs achieved by the low cost of maintenance and fuel economy of the latest generation Doosan engines. Due to the listed advantages, the car owner receives relatively low operating costs for the transportation of the cargo unit and as a result the competitive advantages for the development of his own business.

In view of the above, the Official Distributor of Daewoo Trucks Commercial Vehicles in Ukraine AUTO-REGION LLC is confident that these vehicles will be recognized in the truck market in Ukraine and will be in high demand.

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