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HORYONG Autotowers

HORYONG CO., LTD – South Korea’s largest auto-hydraulics manufacturing plant since 1990. As of today, the plant has taken the leading position in the market and produces a wide range of lifting equipment from 15 to 75 meters. All car lifts manufactured by the factory have become the standard of quality, convenience, safety and directly – the best product among analogues. Learn more about HORYONG SECURITY SYSTEMS.

Changing standards of construction and architecture calls for new methods for maintaining the condition of buildings, energy facilities, production facilities and electrical grids, and new standards of product promotional support require special lifting mechanisms.

Due to high mobility, car lifts are the most popular.

As of today, there is no shortage of car lifts, but taking into account all the necessary safety requirements and conditions of use in a limited space there is no list of available models of car tires.

HORYONG products at first glance have a slightly higher price than competitors, but it is a smart payment for high quality and reliability. But compared to similar products from European manufacturers, the price for similar models is much lower.

Products HORYONG – is primarily a small engineering decision, the calling of which is the solution of extremely technically challenging tasks. More about HORYONG FACTORY.

Combined with the extraordinary reliability and quality of the manufactured products, the HORYONG car lifts will become precisely the tool that fully justifies the money spent on it.

Taking into account the constant change and development of construction standards, there is a need for new, technically complicated processes of maintenance in the proper condition of buildings, energy facilities, industrial facilities and electrical grids.

New standards require special lifting gear, and due to high mobility, car lifts are becoming increasingly popular.

In the HORYONG range of products, there is a wide range of automotive ladders. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the flagship model has a lifting height of up to 70m. In this case, the total weight of lifting mechanisms does not exceed 9 tons, which allows you to set up the lift mechanism on medium-tonnage trucks. The length of a special car does not exceed 10130mm.



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