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Avtoregion has been in operation for more than 16 years and remains the leader in the market for sales of passenger, passenger and specialist Hyundai. Any car can be staffed according to your personal desires and precisely for your needs. The company “AUTOREGION” can arrange delivery of the equipment immediately to your address, which will save you time.

The Hyundai brand in the market of commercial vehicles in Ukraine has a leading position and, in the segment of small and medium-tonnage trucks, is one of the best-selling ones. The flagship of the Hyundai Truck & Bus range in Ukraine is a Mighty truck line with a capacity up to 5 tons.
New thinking is the way out of the established tradition of the border, and new opportunities are advanced ideas and solutions. This is the basis of the philosophy of Hyundai. The company seeks to make stylish, high-quality, reliable and safe cars more accessible to customers.

The ambitious name Hyundai – “modernity”, or “new time” – appeared in 1947. It was received by the multipurpose company, Jong Ying Yen, who was originally subcontracted by American military personnel, then built houses, bridges and ships, and produced machines. A thriving company was increasingly interested in automotive industry, and in the end, in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company was created. She opened a line of automobile production, worked in partnership with leading American and Japanese companies, developed their own designs, built factories in Europe and Asia, step by step gaining credibility in the international market and recognition of motorists.

In 2000, Hyundai Motor Company became the undisputed leader of the South Korean market, in 2005 the company first entered the Top 100 of world brands, and in 2010 it was recognized as the fifth largest auto manufacturer in the world. Experts recognize Hyundai the fastest-growing automotive brand in the world.



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