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Horyong NSKY650 auto hydrostack on DAEWOO car chassis

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Horyong NSKY650 auto hydrostack
on DAEWOO car chassis

The lift allows you to work at an altitude of up to 65 meters, which is the best indicator in the market of hydro-elevators. Combines the latest design developments and innovative technologies without analogues in the world.

Thanks to the safety system, the hydraulic operator provides a high level of operator safety and ease of operation. The unique design of the lift allows you to carry out a wide range of high complexity jobs at different heights.

Warranty: 12 months or 100 thousand km. mileage, depending on what will happen before.

The equipment comes fully ready for use without restrictions. In addition, we offer free training for up to 3 people.

Components description

1. Telescopic arrow. It consists of 9 sections. The high lifting capacity of the boom is achieved thanks to a special octagonal section of the arrow. The material is special steel SSAB DOMEX Strenx 700/960.

2. The work platform. The work platform consists of a secure frame, entrance doors and carriers for operator safety passes. The platform’s dimensions allow workers to travel along their entire length. The system for balancing and maintaining the platform horizontally is under the platform. The platform dimensions allow you to perform a large amount of work without changing the position of the platform. The platform has the ability to rotate around 3600 around the axis. In the original position the platform is formed. The material of the manufactured platform is steel.

3. Swivel platform. The working arm is attached to the turntable on the work platform. The turning circle has a toothed profile. Rotation of the arrow with the help of a hydraulic motor and a planetary mechanism. The drive of the hydraulic system of the car body – from the power take-off box to the vehicle’s checkpoint. Switching on the power take-off from the driver’s seat

4. Outriggers The outrigger design includes horizontal decompression cylinders, and jacks for lifting the car. The geometry of the towers allows you to provide a working radius of the lift – 3600. To improve the stability of the chassis design provides four additional outriggers, which are installed together with the main.

5. The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic pump, a spare tank of hydraulic fluid, hydraulic valves, a hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinders. The total volume of the spare tank of the hydraulic system is 550 l, the working pressure in the hydraulic system is 230 bar.

6. The complete set of the hydraulic lift is supplied by the remote control Hetronic, production of Germany. All descriptions on control panels in Ukrainian or Russian.

Safety Systems

  • Hydraulic and electric systems of the elevator are equipped with self-diagnostic device. This device allows you to check the correctness of all lift systems before starting work.
  • Proportional valve. Provides smoother operation of the hydraulic system mechanisms and prevents the occurrence of cargo moment.
  • Check valve (balancing valve) Warns lowering of the arrow and outriggers in case of damage to the hydraulic system and the leakage of a hydraulic fluid.
  • Balancing valve. Prevents overturning of autotrain. If the loaded platform deviates from the vertical position by more than 2 °, the further movement of the boom and the swing platform will be blocked.
  • Leveling mechanism of outrigers. For automatic platform alignment.
  • Signal valve. Enables alarms with enabled security systems.
  • Emergency valve. For manual shutdown of the hydraulic system in case of emergency situations
  • Emergency electric motor. To operate the system when the engine is out of order. It is only allowed to be activated if necessary to avoid battery discharge.
  • Emergency valve of the hydraulic outrigger system. Controls the lowering of the arrow in the derivative position. Until the arrow is folded and mounted on the support, the hydraulic outrigger system remains turned off.
  • Limiter Does not allow the operation of a hydraulic lift when overloading the working platform.
  • Cargo moment indicator. Installed at the highest point of the cargo platform. This device allows the cargo torque to be checked during the work of the platform to prevent bending of the arrow or overturning of the vehicle. Principle of operation in the continuous monitoring of the center of gravity of the arrow. Built-in computer calculates the value of the load torque, depending on the loading of the work platform, departure and angle of the arrow. The cargo torque indicator is certified in the laboratory in accordance with world safety standards. For ease of operation, the value of the current cargo moment is determined in percentages to the maximum.
  • When exceeding the allowable cargo moment an emergency alarm is activated and the further increase of cargo moment is blocked.
  • The information display in the booth of the lift operator shows: the length of the arrow, which shows in which sector there is an arrow front, rear or side, the current load of the work platform, the height of the working platform compared with the length of the arrow departure, signals the maximum permissible angle of inclination and the length of the arrow, the current angle the inclination of the arrow, the permissible working radius of the rotation of the arrow, the maximum safe working area.
  • By choice, the display may display graphic or graphical-digital information.
  • All of the above-mentioned systems of control, control of work and safety make the car lift as comfortable, safe and productive as possible.

Additional information



Base chassis

Wheel formula

Engine power, kW/hp

Ecological standard


Wheel base, mm

Dimensions, mm (length / width / height)

Total weight, kg

Lifting height max, m

Working angle

Platform payload, max

Dimensions of the platform

Platform rotation angle



Swivel platform


FVC drive



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Control Systems


Additional equipment



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