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Hyundai EX8 – refrigerator

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Isotermic wagon based on HYUNDAI EX 8

Wagon subframe
  • is made of sheet bended metal
  • anticorrosive treatment
Thickness of the panel
  • front wall – 85 mm
  • side walls – 65 mm
  • door – 85 mm
  • roof is 85 mm
Wagon floor
  • bearing, bulk, insulated, reinforced
  • cover – flood, anti-slip
Outer frame
  • anodized aluminum profile
  • Back hole is made of stainless steel
  • Rear door vans with locks.
  • Fittings fastened with nails made of stainless steel
  • Imported rubber seals on the door of the van to prevent the ingress of moisture and dust inside the van
  • The hinges of a van are made of stainless steel, reinforced, (4 pieces on the door leaf)
  • Door locks – Container type stainless steel, manufactured by Spain (1 piece on door leaf)
  • Door furniture bars are made of stainless steel with a diameter of 27 mm.
Basic equipment
  • lighting inside the van (3 LED floodlight)
  • front, rear and side dimming LED markers (6 orange, 2 red, 2 white marker lights) on the wagon
  • retractable ladder (galvanized) – 1 pc
  • rubber rear bumpers (2 pcs)
  • aluminum trim with height 310 mm from the floor
  • aluminum corner on the joints of the panel inside
  • lanyard of load – 1 row
Weight 1 300 kg
  • sandwich panel – multilayer, integral, seamless, consisting of:
    – from the inside and the outside – reinforced with fiberglass plastic 2 mm, manufactured by Optiplan GmbH, Germany
    – extruded foam polystyrene (filler)
    constructive mortgage elements.
Wagon size, mm 5800 x 2450 x 2400
  • Termo King V 500 6500 € + bracket from 150 USD
  • Termal Master 5500 $. + Bracket from $ 150
  • Hydrobort DHLMA.20. 3700 € + 12,000 UAH installation
  • Side door (2150x1250) 600 €
  • Multitemperature sliding partition (Italy MRF) 1500 €

New generation HYUNDAI EX 8 trucks

A partner who is ready to work in the mode – 24/7, is a reliable tool in your business. The new modern design, the latest design, the EX 8 is designed to be the best: Every detail of the new truck reflects the attitude of Hyundai to innovation and quality. Hyundai EX 8 is always ready to go.


Ideally balanced design and practicality. Easier access to the cabin is achieved thanks to wider doors and advanced steps. Improved headlamp and new radiator grille, which is specially designed for improved ventilation of the engine compartment. Rearview mirrors, windscreen and rear viewfinder have the best viewing angle in their class, which increases the level of safety while driving. Ergonomic driver cabin combines practicality and comfort.

Excellent cabin equipment

The driver’s cabin is characterized by a high level of comfort and noise isolation, and many bulkheads make daily work more accessible and comfortable. The interior space of the cockpit will satisfy the needs of the most demanding drivers – the steering wheel with tilt angle and height adjustment, comfortable adjustable seats, the placement of the gear lever and the space for the legs. From the driver’s seat with advanced lateral support to the informative panel of devices, each detail of which is aimed at ease of reading information for the driver.

The largest salon in its class and the volume of compartments for things

The driver’s cab EC 8 will satisfy the needs of the most demanding drivers. First, the large and functional salon allow the driver to organize a comfortable work place. Secondly, the salon is equipped with a plenty of storage compartments and car sockets for 12V and 24V, which makes daily work more convenient.

Born for freight transportation

EX8 – the best in your class combination of comfort and efficiency.
The useful capacity of the EC 8 chassis is 5,375 kg, without considering the weight of the superstructure. The technical reserve of the load on the rear axle is 6,600 kg, which allows for an increase in the carrying capacity of 1,5 tons, which in turn increases the reliability of the Hyundai EX 8.

Robust and reliable

Even at maximum loads, EX 8 is specially designed for confident travel on the bumpy roads. The new design of the car frame can withstand high torsion and bending loads due to the use of Hyundai Steel’s own subsidiary Hyundai Motor Group. In addition, the reinforced transverse beam in the structure of the frame increases the resistance to twisting and bending.

The high level of corrosion resistance is achieved thanks to the use of galvanized steel on 79% of the elements of the cabin. In order to increase the level of safety and reliability, the high strength steel is used in 38% of the design part of the cab. Thanks to moving the engine forward, an additional cargo space was created. It also allowed the cab to be lowered, which reduced the center of gravity and the level of vibration. Door opening angle up to 80 degrees.


Effective, powerful and reliable

Designed by Hyundai’s own technology, the F series range of diesel engines has gained the reputation of a legendary, efficient and extremely reliable engine. Now it is equipped with common rail fuel injection system with high fuel injection pressure, which increases engine power and reduces fuel consumption. Hyundai engineers have made significant improvements and improvements to the EX 8 truck. Reducing operating costs, powerful and environmental engines, increased corrosion resistance, an entirely new cabin and a superstructure, along with the introduction of state-of-the-art security systems, are all unprecedented steps by Hyundai in the future of the automotive industry. the industry.

Intelligent security systems

Hyundai shares uncompromising safety vision. From the recently integrated VDC (Dynamic Control System) system that provides vehicle stability and Traffic Tracking System (LDWS) that will tell the driver about an unplanned change of lane. Brake disc brakes (option) with dynamic brake control (VDC) reduce braking distance. Compared to the predecessor, the EX 8 requires a 4.6 meter lower braking distance of 60 km / h. The VDC system incorporates such active security systems as:

Features and options

Additional information



Wheel formula

Wheel base, mm

Total weight, kg

Dimensions, mm (length / width / height)

Load on the front axle, kg

Load on the rear axle, kg

Own weight, kg

Freight, kg


, ,

Front wheel track, mm

Rear wheels track, mm

Suspension type, front

Suspension type, rear

Type of transmission

Number of gear transmissions

Clearance, mm

Wheel size


Ecological standard

Fuel type

Engine volume, сm³

Engine power, kW/hp

Maximum torque (n/m)

Fuel tank, l

Minimum radius of rotation, m


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