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Hyundai HD120 4WD Euro4

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The Hyundai HD120 4WD trucks are a class of mid-wheel drive all-wheel drive cars that carry out all the tasks of cargo transportation at the most difficult road conditions.

The peculiarity of these trucks is evident from the first glance, the Hyundai Motor Company’s all-wheel-drive brand system, with outstanding off-road performance capable of meeting the most complex tasks among the toughest road conditions. In addition to the thoughtful design of the car, it is immediately possible to note that much attention is drawn to details that improve the comfort, efficiency of the driver and crew

and the reliability of the cargo chassis itself. The Hyundai HD120 4CV all-wheel drive cargo chassis is easy to operate, maneuverable and extremely durable.

Floating cabin

The cabin is on four cushions to isolate the driver from tired shocks and vibration.

Sloping cabin

Servicing and regular checks are easier than ever thanks to a 45-speed cabin tilting that ensures quick and easy maintenance.


ABS (anti-lock braking system) provides a safe, controlled stall, and is especially useful for slippery road conditions. The driver can apply the maximum pressure on the brake pedal without worrying about wheel lock, skid and subsequent loss of control. Thanks to the ABS / ASR, the driver can continuously maintain the full orientation of the car and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Climate control

The heating, ventilation and additional air conditioning system is driven by a powerful fan and a high-efficiency compressor and heat exchanger. The air is delivered to the cabin at critical points to help keep the driver in tune and comfort regardless of weather on the street.

Full wheel drive system

2WD or 4WD is selected depending on the road conditions.
‘2WD’ under normal road conditions.
‘4WD’ when driving out of the road.
Equal distribution of torque between axles.
‘4WD’ is not recommended for use on high-quality roads.

To increase the traction effort, when the full drive is activated, the speed must be reduced.

Features and options

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Lamp in the driver’s cab
  • Fog lights front
  • Fog tail light
  • Electro heated mirrors
  • Fuel filter separator
  • Electric window lifters
  • Hydraulic steering wheel
  • Steering column control
  • Damper suspension cabin
  • Anti traumatic footrest
  • Central lock
  • Stands for two glasses and bottles
  • Document compartment
  • Panel of devices under the tree
  • Driver’s seat is pneumatic
  • Digital clock
  • Radio
  • Shelves above the windshield (in the cabin)
  • The sleeping city of the driver
  • Independent lighting of the sleeping area

Additional information




Wheel formula

Wheel base, mm

Total weight, kg

Dimensions, mm (length / width / height)

Load on the front axle, kg

Load on the rear axle, kg

Own weight, kg

Freight, kg



Front wheel track, mm

Rear wheels track, mm

Suspension type, front

Suspension type, rear

Type of transmission

Number of gear transmissions

Clearance, mm


Ecological standard

Fuel type

Engine volume, сm³

Engine power, kW/hp

Maximum torque (n/m)

Fuel tank, l

Minimum radius of rotation, m

Maximum speed, km/h


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