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Hyundai HD210 isothermal wagon

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HYUNDAI HD 210 is a classic example of an average tonnage cargo universal chassis that meets the highest standards of quality and reliability of HYUNDAI. HD 210 is the perfect partner in your business. Comfortable cab with wear-resistant seats and ergonomic dashboard make driving easy, easy and efficient. HYUNDAI HD 210 is a reliable and efficient six-cylinder engine with intermediate cooling of air, as well as any HYUNDAI engine provides high-performance, trouble-free operation. Moreover, HYUNDAI engines are equipped with highly efficient high pressure fuel pumps, which make them easy to maintain and durable.

The reliable structure of the frame allows the installation of superstructures up to 7.5 meters in length, in the configuration of the industrial wagon the cow volume will be up to 42 cubic meters.

Isothermal body

Overall dimensions of the body, mm 7400х2600х2400
Subframe Welded construction of steel profile “Z” 180 mm. Handled by two-layer material “Liquid Plastic”
  • Monolithic self-supporting construction.
  • Thermo-insulated.
  • Thermal insulator – extruded polystyrene foam.
  • Density 40-45 kg / m3
  • Panels – hollow sandwich panels with a total thickness of 90 mm
  • Flooring – waterproof plywood 24 mm.
  • Floor covering – double-layer, sealed coating “Self-leveling floor” with anti-slip coating
Side panels
  • Panels – hollow sandwich panels with a total thickness of 50 mm
  • Thermal insulator – extruded polystyrene foam.
  • Density 40-45 kg / m3
  • Facing panels – fiberglass, thickness of 1.5 mm
Front panel, roof, doors
  • Panels are hollow sandwich panels. The thickness of the front wall is 80 mm, the door is 65 mm, the roof is 60 mm
  • Thermal insulator – extruded polystyrene foam. Density 40-45 kg / m3
  • Facing panels – fiberglass, thickness of 1.5 mm
  • The front wall is equipped with mortars for the installation of refrigeration equipment and a niche for the hidden laying of the mains of the refrigerator
Interior body fitting
  • Protection from impact by trolleys or pallets:
    – in the bottom, lateral, panels are veneered by an aluminum profile of 200x40 mm
    – along the side panels there is an aluminum strip 140 mm wide at an altitude of 1200 mm.
  • Holding – laid in harness, eliminating breakages, oxidation
  • The connection of contacts is tight
  • Lighting – Mortise LED lights
Exterior body fitting
  • Body panels – the outside are faced with anodized aluminum profiles.
  • Door portal – made of stainless steel 3 mm.
  • Door fittings – stainless steel.
  • Side protection – aluminum profile.
  • Exterior lighting – LED dimming and marker lights.
  • Posting – laid in harness, eliminating breakages and oxidation.
Additional equipment The van is equipped with diode enclosures and marker lights.
Refrigeration unit Thermoking С450еmax30

Features and options

  • Additional axle (subcutaneous)
  • Emergency braking system (ABS)
  • Distribution of Brake Force (EBD)
  • Fog lights front
  • Fog lights behind
  • Electric heated mirrors
  • Fuel filter separator
  • Power windows
  • Hydraulic steering wheel
  • Steering column control
  • Damper lighting cab
  • Central lock
  • Daylight in the cabin
  • Stand cup and 2 bottles of water
  • Document compartment
  • Panel of devices under the tree
  • Driver pneumatic seat
  • Digital clock
  • Tape recorder
  • Shelves above the windshield
  • Air conditioning
  • Sleeping place of the driver
  • Independent lighting of the sleeping area
  • Perforated step

Additional information



Wheel formula

Wheel base, mm

Total weight, kg

Dimensions, mm (length / width / height)

Load on the front axle, kg

Load on the rear axle, kg

Own weight, kg

Freight, kg



Suspension type, front

Suspension type, rear

Type of transmission

Number of gear transmissions

Clearance, mm


Ecological standard

Fuel type

Engine volume, сm³

Engine power, kW/hp

Maximum torque (n/m)

Fuel tank, l

Minimum radius of rotation, m

Maximum speed, km/h

Dimensions of the add-on


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