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JAC N120 – vacuum-sensing

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  • Inside the tank to increase rigidity and prevent hydraulic shock, welded partitions and ring belts
  • Inside the tank to increase rigidity and prevent hydraulic shock, welded partitions and ring belts
  • At the top of the tank, a cover with a signal-safety device is mounted
  • Electrical signaling device with level sensor and electric unit installed in driver’s cab
  • Manuquumometer for visualization of equipment working capacity
  • Safety valve with the ability to reset excess pressure and vacuum
  • Quick-type couplings “Camlock” for quick connection of suction sleeves with the tank and with each other
  • Audible alarm for tank filling message
  • Headlamp for illuminating the working area
  • Incorporating a power take-off box in the driver’s cab
Capacity of tank, m3 5
Pressure hose made of PVC, reinforced with reinforced spiral, resistant to pressure and abrasive wear, diameter 100 mm, length 4 m, pc 3
Depth of suction, m 4
Vacuum pump
КО 510
Vacuum pump drive
Productivity of a vacuum pump, cubic meters per hour, not less 360
Discharge, MPa, not less 0,08
Time of filling of the tank, min. 15
Time of tank filling by gravity, min., not more 25


JAC N120 is a modern truck designed and built to take into account the latest technology and achievements in the field of motor transport.
This car was developed and created by JAC, taking into account 50 years of experience in the production and operation of trucks, both in domestic and in foreign markets. As a result of the painstaking design, development and production of the JACN120, both domestic and international specialists were involved, taking into account the latest achievements in automotive engineering and the use of the latest technology. A series of tests were conducted in the harshest conditions of the countries of Africa and Siberia, during which the car proved to be the best.

Three-level reliability tests

By analyzing CAE, bench tests and road tests, the JACN120 was subjected to three levels of reliability testing, in conditions of high temperatures, severe cold and high humidity. As a result of these tests, the JACN120 cars totaled more than 1,000,000 km of run.


Heart JACN120 engine CUMMINSISF3.8S5168 (Euro-5) with a capacity of 3.8 liters and 170 hp, which distinguishes high performance at low weight, as well as exceptional reliability and low maintenance costs.

Design features:

  • The valve cover and the crankcase are made of composite materials for weight reduction.
  • The rod, mounted in the block, and also located on the flywheel, the chain drive of the GMP helps reduce noise.
  • An improved cooling system avoids overheating even at high ambient temperatures.
  • The electronic control unit provides an optimal balance between the power, economy and eco-efficiency of the engine.
  • High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR), manufactured by BOSCH, with electronic control and a crankshaft drive.
  • Turbocharger with intercooler.
  • Compact layout: The vacuum pump is located on top of the engine, the water pump, the oil cooler and the oil pump housing are combined into one module and are located on the side of the block.


To improve the safety of passengers in the event of a frontal collision, the design of the cab was initially developed on the basis of the theory of nonlinear deformation of the cabin during collision, as well as on the basis of calculations and collision modeling analysis. The front part of the bearing slab of the longitudinal beam of the truck of the N series is arranged as close sections, having a high rigidity of steel, and longitudinal beams. In addition, the side-impact anti-collision security system includes reinforced beams in the middle of the door, which fully guarantees passenger safety.

Improved braking system

Braking with an auxiliary motor brake, reduces braking time, and makes the brakes more reliable and safer, which also extends the life of the main braking system. The front disc ventilated brakes with a drain and wet compartment and rear drum brakes in conjunction with an auxiliary engine brake make the car more reliable and safe.

Improved suspension systems and frames

With the new pendant and frame model, the car has a lower self-weight, greater payload, which does not reduce load-carrying capacity, and increases durability.

  • The sheets of the springs are made with the use of additional secondary strengthening technology, increasing the requirements for quality and grade of metal, which provides greater strength and longer service life.
  • The frame is made using the latest technology of connecting the cross section sections of the frame with a large main section of the frame, the strength of the frame has increased by 10%.
  • Using the new chassis makes the car more reliable and durable and gives it a greater damping effect.


  • Hydraulic steering wheel.
  • Adjustable steering column height and slope depth
  • Steering wheel lock.
  • Multifunction steering wheel.


  • Comfortable, cabin with additional insulation.
  • Mosquito net engine protection
  • Lifters with electric drive
  • Mechanical lifting of the cabin
  • Rearview Mirrors with Heated.
  • Safety belts of the passenger and driver
  • Reverse gear signal
  • Driver’s seat is adjustable in 3 ranges.
  • High-quality salon material.
  • Adjustable in 2 ranges passenger seat
  • Air conditioning
  • Central lock
  • Electrically adjustable headlights
  • CD / MP3
  • Sunshield curtains for driver and passenger
  • Cupcakes in the front panel
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Anti-slip cover
  • Onboard computer
  • Brake system pneumatic type:
  • Front disc brakes, with water separator
  • Rear drum brakes
  • ABS


  • Fuel filter separator with water dispenser
  • Decompression engine brake
  • Rechargeable batteries 120А.г * 2 24Вт
  • Reflex bulb
  • Closed battery compartment
  • Protection of the crankcase pallet
  • Tool box
  • Preparation under tachograph
  • Frost-resistant rubber parts
  • Coupling device
  • Emergency triangle
  • A set of tools

Additional information



Wheel formula

Total weight, kg

Dimensions, mm (length / width / height)

Load on the front axle, kg

Load on the rear axle, kg

Freight, kg


Front wheel track, mm

Rear wheels track, mm

Suspension type, front

Suspension type, rear

Minimum radius of rotation, m

Type of transmission

Number of gear transmissions

Clearance, mm

Wheel size

Maximum speed, km/h


Ecological standard

Fuel type

Engine volume, сm³

Engine power, kW/hp

Maximum torque (n/m)

Fuel tank, l


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